New housing in the UK is too often built around car use, with residents having little choice but to drive for almost every journey. What are the specific elements that make up a non-car-dependent housing development? Transport for New Homes has produced a Checklist for new housing developments.

In 2016-18 we visited more than 20 new housing developments to assess their levels of car-dependency. Read a summary of what we found.

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Transport for New Homes Award

Our new award, part of Transport Planning Day 2019, recognises non car-dependent housing. Members of the public, professionals and developers are invited to nominate recent UK developments for the Transport for New Homes Award.

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2 days ago
Nominations close on Monday for the Transport for New Homes Award. Do you know of a new housing development where real attention has been paid to sustainable transport? Nominate it here:

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2 days ago
"The era of designing urban spaces around the car is ending," says this article by @SmarterCam in the @CambridgeIndy, which also references our #NewHomesChecklist.