Planning needs to be reformed. But the Government’s proposals threaten more traffic and pollution.
Join our Homes Without Jams campaign and let’s reform planning for a green transport future.

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Planning reform is coming

The Government has launched proposals to reform the planning system. What could this mean for transport?

Examining new housing

Checklist for new housing developments

What are the specific elements that make up a non-car-dependent housing development? We’ve produced a Checklist.

Garden Communities: visions and reality

Garden Communities: visions and reality

Our report on Garden Villages and Garden Towns found that they risk condemning their residents to car-dependent lifestyles.

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Postcard from Asphalt St Michael

Transport for New Homes: a story told in postcards

John and Jill have been house-hunting in some recently-built developments. They sent these postcards back to show what they found ...
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Today the Government has launched the #BiodiversityNetGain consultation.

This proposes to "help communities, planners, developers and Local Planning Authorities ensure new developments are 'nature positive'".

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New housing should be planned in such a way that residents can walk, cycle and use public transport to go about their daily lives.

But does the reality live up to our vision? We’ll soon be releasing our latest report looking at new housing developments across England...