Planning needs to be reformed. But the Government’s proposals threaten more traffic and pollution.
Join our campaign for Homes Without Jams and let’s reform planning for a green transport future.

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Planning reform is coming

The Government has launched proposals to reform the planning system. What could this mean for transport?

Examining new housing

Checklist for new housing developments

What are the specific elements that make up a non-car-dependent housing development? We’ve produced a Checklist.

Garden Communities: visions and reality

Garden Communities: visions and reality

Our report on Garden Villages and Garden Towns found that they risk condemning their residents to car-dependent lifestyles.

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If conservation areas can have a mix of homes and amenities, why can’t newly planned communities?

We're concerned that a proposed change to 'permitted development rights' would make it harder for local authorities to plan communities ...
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2 days ago
Reform to the planning system needs to make it easier to build housing served by #trams, #LightRail, #buses & #trains, with great #cycling & #walking routes.

If you agree, please add your voice to our #HomesWithoutJams campaign here:
6 days ago
It's a grey Monday - let's cheer up with photos of inspiring, non car-based developments around the world. Here's Tim Pharoah's pic of Vauban in Freiburg, Germany. All homes are a short walk from a tram stop; a network of walking/cycling paths filters out cars.
Share your pics!
1 week ago
Full marks to @WelshGovernment for clear policies to move away from greenfield car-based sprawl. The National Plan uses straightforward language to explain how new homes must be coordinated with investment in public transport & active travel. #FutureWales