New housing in the UK is too often built around car use, with residents having little choice but to drive for almost every journey. What are the specific elements that make up a non-car-dependent housing development? Transport for New Homes has produced a Checklist for new housing developments.

In 2016-18 we visited more than 20 new housing developments to assess their levels of car-dependency. Read a summary of what we found.

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Lund, Sweden

Transport for New Homes Award

The Transport for New Homes Award, part of Transport Planning Day 2019, celebrated non car-dependent housing.

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2 weeks ago
The planning inspector has rejected plans for 2 garden communities in Essex. Local people have long argued that they would become car-dependent sprawl, lacking infrastructure to serve them sustainably.
Congrats @RosieP4 & @120cause!
3 weeks ago
This looks to be an interesting and timely free event next week from @PlaceAllianceUK.
Place Alliance @PlaceAllianceUK
Register for the online launch of "Delivering urban quality – time to get serious" which sets out the case for a Design Quality Unit for England. In partnership with @designcouncil @UCL_BSP @civic_voice @CPRE @UDGUrbanUpdate @TDAG_TalkTree -
3 weeks ago
34 people have kindly told us how their planning authority is adapting to social distancing.

Many have moved to remote planning committees. Some (not all) let the public watch & speak at committee meetings.

Our survey closes today; we'd love your input: