Transport and planning consultancy

Transport for New Homes believe that new housing should be built so that residents can walk, cycle and use public transport to go about their daily lives. Our work combines our practical knowledge gained from visits to new housing developments with an understanding of the planning process. We can advise on the right transport funding and infrastructure to make sure that sustainable transport will be the choice for the future for many journeys.

Now is a great time to work with our consultants. Our latest research, ‘Building Car Dependency’, was covered by the BBC, Guardian, LBC, various trade press and received a response from the Government. The report was seen by 4,000 individuals across the planning and transport sector as well as members of the public. 

Our consultancy offer can include:

  • Advice regarding choice of site for housing allocations in Local Plans and other strategic frameworks in terms of sustainable transport modes
  • Examining masterplans in the context of sustainable transport modes and identifying potential problems and opportunities
  • Informing Neighbourhood plans so that the emphasis is on walking, cycling and use of town centres
  • Liaison with those providing public transport infrastructure and services and the opportunities and infrastructure to support new housing developments
  • Bidding for Housing Infrastructure Fund specifically for sustainable modes 
  • Delivery of genuinely walkable places
  • The right sites for new homes for sustainable transport
  • Masterplans that put public transport and walking and cycling at the heart of travel
  • Working with developers and local authorities to orientate development around sustainable transport with managed parking 
  • Funding packages for sustainable transport

Transport for New Homes will help you plan your development differently. We can help you to deliver new homes that put sustainable transport at the heart. By integrating public transport, walking, cycling and new forms of personal mobility, we aim to help build new communities where residents can live green lifestyles and enjoy the benefits of high quality placemaking.

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