Planning needs to be reformed. But the Government’s proposals threaten more traffic and pollution. Transport for New Homes is calling for Homes Without Jams.

Our country needs more homes. What we don’t need is more sprawling, car-dependent estates far from town centres and public transport links.

Right now, too many housing developments lack local shops and services, decent public transport and cycle routes. Some streets even lack pavements. The result is that the people who live there must drive for almost every journey: a recipe for traffic, air pollution and climate change.

Now the Government wants to reform the planning system – but its proposals threaten to make things worse. The outcome would be more big housing estates in the countryside connected by more roads.

Planning needs to be reformed. But not like this. Our Homes Without Jams campaign will pursue the Government’s proposals through Parliament, making the case for a better way. There will be much to do, from engaging with Ministers to spreading the word on social media… and some more eye-catching things too. And we’ll need to show that people support the things we’re calling for.

Will you join our Homes Without Jams campaign?

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I agree that new housing should enable people to get around without driving: we need Homes Without Jams.

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