Berryfields, Aylesbury

Berryfields’ location on the north-west outskirts of Aylesbury is on the other side of the A41 which cuts the new development off from the town, with access off a large roundabout. The A41 and the ring road system are used in general to serve a number of development areas to the North of the town and the effect is to limit the desirability of walking or cycling to the new areas. Better to use the car. A bonus however is the proximity of a station to parts of Berryfields, although this is not in the new housing area itslef but off a roundabout near it.  The Chiltern line into central London is popular. The average house price in Aylesbury is £380,000, far exceeding the national average of £222,000, a figure which has risen rapidly in a short time and is expected to continue to do so.

The Development Brief anticipated the project starting in 2005, with phases 1, containing 700 units, and 2, with 1,150 units, seeing 1,850 houses finished by 2011. Berryfields Academy and Primary School have opened.