Cambridge southern fringe new developments

The housing market in Cambridge itself is such that the average house price is far above the national average.  Given the popular location there has been a spate of building in the city in recent years, with 30,000 or so houses in extensions in the eastern, northern, and southern fringes of the city.  The Great Kneighton and Trumpington Meadows urban extensions together form the bulk of the housing development in the Southern Fringe. Both were approved at the beginning of the decade and have largely now been completed.

The developments benefit from proximity to the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway, which provides rapid journeys to Cambridge rail station, the city centre and beyond. There is also good cycle access to local destinations, and Trumpington hosts a large Park & Ride. The city centre is too far to be realistically accessible by foot, but the combination of good cycle routes and bus-based rapid transit means that residents have a genuine alternative to the car. That said the southern fringe developments are not far from major roads.

Lots of new community amenities have been built as part of the developments, including primary and secondary schools, a library, community rooms, and a nature reserve. The biggest drawback is probably the fact that the high house prices will put the area out of the reach of many.

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