Clackers Brook, Melksham

Clackers Brook in Melksham, is a new development built on greenfield land on the eastern edge of this small Wiltshire town, funding in the process a distributor road with land left for future dualling for a possible future Melksham bypass. Access to the estate is via a series of roundabouts along this distributor road. There is limited bus service to the town centre, running hourly between 09:30 and 16:30, although this will be of little use for most commuters. Pedestrian and cycle links into town are also poor, especially given the proximity of Clackers Brook to neighbouring residential areas.

There is primary school and a couple of shops including a charity shop and a small Co-operative supermarket. There is also a pub at a junction to the estate off the distributor road. In the centre of the estate is a green area following the flood plain of the local brook.

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