The Hamptons

The Hamptons are a series of developments in Peterborough that pre-date teh NPPF for they were begun in the mid 1990s. Parts are however still in construction with 8,500 new homes eventually to be built. Much of the development uses former clay pits and brick works, but some of it is located on what was more open countryside. There are a number of areas of water and green spaces which enhance the area. There is a  local shopping area but a big attraction is a large shopping mall with many high street names. This caters for shoppers from a wide area, having good access to strategic roads via the A15. 

The developments are well served by frequent bus services, with real time information screens at key bus stops and brand new buses. Observation on the visit (weekday outside peak commuting times) suggest that the bus services are well used across the age and social ranges and the Census 2011 information conforms that bus use into Peterborough is comparatively high although teh vast majority of people travel by car. The buses serve the Serpentine shopping centre, and the bus stop is located close to the main entrance and has a dedicated space so that bus users can wait in a shelter away from the road traffic movements and exhaust fumes. Bus access to the shopping centre complex is via bus gates so that at busy times the bus is not delayed by congestion into and in the (substantial) car park. The bus routes penetrate the developments, facilitated by the layout which does not feature as many cul de sacs as is often seen in new housing areas.