Old Sarum, Salisbury

The development was conceived as a means to revive the airfield, receiving funding from its owner Matthew Chance Hudson and emphasis on aviation heritage through a museum and aircraft displays. Following a lengthy planning process since 2007 that had to meet English Heritage’s requirement of the site as a Conservation Area, the planning application was submitted to Wiltshire Council in 2015 and approved in 2016.

The development is more than a mile outside Salisbury and given the main road, walking and cycling are not popular. There has been greater progress made with the bus service. Through the S106 agreement, provision was made for a 20 minute service during the day from Monday to Saturday. The park and ride buses continue into Old Sarum and serve the estate with a 15 minute frequency on Mondays to Saturdays. Despite the frequent bus service, there are problems familiar from other new developments surrounding the culture of car travel; while it is possible to travel locally and into the city centre by bus, people generally prefer to use their own vehicles, often as a result of the location of the site and essential facilities.