Priors Hall Park

Priors Hall Park, situated on the north-eastern edge of Corby, is one of a number of urban regeneration projects in the South Midlands and contains a mix of greenfield and brownfield land. Since the opening of a train station in Corby in 2009, albeit a few km from the development site, Priors Hall Park has been marketed to commuters looking to travel to London by rail. It’s also advertised for its road access – within 30 minutes of leaving the estate drivers can be on the M1 heading south to London or north to Birmingham and the Midlands with easy access to the M6.

Corby is one of the fastest growing areas in England, and its expansion has been promoted as a way of aiding the regeneration of the town. However, construction at Priors Hall Park has suffered at times from delays and uncertainty. Eight years after the first new homes were occupied there are still no local shops and few other facilities.

The area is separated from Corby by a large industrial estate, with no attractive walking or cycling route into the town. The initial plans proposed a frequent bus service featuring buses every ten minutes, but some of the funds that should have gone towards bus provision were lost and at the moment despite the best efforts of the bus operator the service is more limited and only reaches the edge of the site. At the same time, a major new road was built nearby, partly funded by developer payments from Priors Hall Park and other sites.

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